User Agreement and Privacy Policy

Before using all the functions of the App, be sure to read and thoroughly understand this statement. You can choose not to use the app, but if you use the app, your behavior will be deemed to be an endorsement of the entire content of this statement.

        1. Since the system is not able to determine whether the condition you entered is legitimate when remote authorization is granted, the system is not responsible for authorizing the object that the authorized person expects.

        2. Privacy: For remote authorization, the end user need to provide some of the user\'s personal data such as mobile phone number or email address, The system will not disclose any information of the user to the third party in any way. However, when the government department or the judiciary and so on in accordance with the legal procedures required to disclose personal data, the system will be in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement units or for the purpose of public security to provide personal data, in this case, the disclosure of the system is not responsible.

        3. The end user's token information is encrypted for preservation and transmission. Please take good care of your mobile phone equipment, if the device was stolen, or by the background trojan or virus or cell phone was cracked or jailbreak and other causes user information disclosure, not within the responsibility of this system.

        4. If the user's cell phone is lost, the access management system should determine the proper way to deal with the validity of the token. The system is not responsible for the use of a token obtained by an illegal user for obtaining a mobile phone or other means.

        5.Power of Interpretation: the statement of the system and its right to modify, update the right and final interpretation of the right are all the suppliers of this app.